Award winning figure skater, coach and choreographer.

With over 20 years of experience on the ice, Alex is a former competitive Team USA pair figure skater and international medalist who now dedicates her time to helping beginner and advanced skaters reach their full potential.

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Alex performing.

Alexandria Shaughnessy-Ronzio began skating at just four years old after moving to Duxbury, Massachusetts.

As a tradition, the town flooded the cranberry bogs each winter to create an ice skating rink. After signing up for lessons to keep up with her newfound friends, Alex quickly discovered her love of skating and just never stopped.

Alex skating in competition.

Driven to Compete at the Top Level

For the next 20 years, Alexandria Shaughnessy-Ronzio climbed the United States Figure Skating ladder, competing first as a Senior Ladies single skater, then Nationally for eight years as a Pair team with New Hampshire native James Morgan, culminating with a bronze medal representing Team USA at the U.S. International Classic.

She has performed in a number of professional shows including many outdoor venues and Christmas on Ice by Rand Enterprises & Productions, Inc. She was also a member of the World’s silver medalist Senior Theatre on Ice team, Forte of Boston.

Compassionate Coach with a Performance Focus

Since 2008, Alex has helped youth and adult skaters alike learn to skate, gain confidence on the ice, pass level tests, and even take students straight through from program design to competition.

She is currently a staff coach at The Skating Club of Boston, Co-Head coach of the Preliminary Theatre on Ice Team, Center Stage of Boston, Assistant Head Choreographer for Ice Chips, Show of Champions, and the 2021 Co-Head Coach of The Skating Club of Boston’s Skating Academy Summer Camp.

Outside of the rink, you can find Alex spending time with her family and friends, relaxing on the beach, camping in the great outdoors, or volunteering with animal rescue organizations.

Coach Alex.

PSA Ratings

Basic Accreditation

PSA & Coaching Awards

2021 PSA President’s Award of Excellence Recipient

Affiliation with U.S. Figure Skating, PSA, ISU

Member, U.S. Figure Skating
Member, PSA

Figure Skating Awards

The Skating Club of Boston: Mary Louise Wright Award
The Skating Club of Boston: Tenley Albright Award
The Skating Club of Boston: Spirit Of Tenley Albright Award

Competitive Background

Team USA member and International Medalist
8 time U.S. Figure Skating Championships Competitor
10 time Eastern Sectional Competitor
8 time New England Regional Competitor
2019 Nations’ Cup Ballet / Theatre On Ice Senior Team Silver Medalist
2019 Theater on Ice Nationals Senior Team Gold Medalist
2017 U.S. Figure Skating Championships Competitor
2017 Eastern Sectional Senior Pair Bronze Medalist
2016 Salt Lake City U.S. International Classic Pair Bronze Medalist
2016 Eastern Sectional Senior Pair Silver Medalists
2015 Eastern Sectional Senior Pair Silver Medalists
2013 Eastern Sectional Junior Pair Silver Medalist
2012 U.S. Figure Skating Championships Novice Pair Bronze Medalist
2012 Eastern Sectional Novice Pair Gold Medalist
2012 U.S. Salt Lake City Skating Challenge Junior Pair Silver Medalist
2012 New England Regional Senior Ladies Bronze Medalist
2011 Eastern Sectional Novice Pair Silver Medalist
2011 New England Regional Junior Ladies Bronze Medalist

Show History

Assistant Head Choreographer, Ice Chips
Providence Tree Lighting Soloist 2019 by Brad Vigorito
Light Up The Night Soloist 2019 at River Walk by Brad Vigorito
River Walk by Joy Skate Productions Soloist 2018
Christmas on Ice by Rand Enterprises & Productions, Inc Principle Skater 2017
Ice Chips: Show Of Champions Soloist 2011 – 2016
Skate Fest Salvation Army Show Soloist 2005 – 2016
North Shore Figure Skating Club Guest Star 2016
Hayden Figure Skating Club Guest Star 2016
Frog Pond Skating Spectacular Soloist 2013 – 2015
Wounded Warriors at the University of Massachusetts Soloist
The Mary Louise Wright Show Soloist
Frozen Fenway Soloist 2014
Patriot Place Show Soloist 2014
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Show Soloist 2014
Hole In the Wall Gang Camp Show Soloist 2011 – 2012
Skaters For A Cure Guest Star 2009 – 2011
Yarmouth Ice Club Show Guest Star 2010
Pilgrim Skating Club Show Guest Star 2010
Tony Kent Arena Show Guest Star 2010

Alex creates an environment for her athletes to feel comfortable while pushing them to succeed.

Alex is one of the most genuine coaches and people. I really like the way she corrects our technique, for example in pairs spins, in a way that is easy to absorb which has made a big difference in our performances.

—Luke, Student, Age 15, Ice Dance

Coach Alex has an approach that is a perfect balance of encouragement, challenge, and patience!

—Grace Huang, Parent of Student

Alex has a passion and love for coaching like no other.

Not only is she extremely organized, she also takes the time to plan out each individual lesson so the skaters time with her is always productive and efficient. Her love of sport shows each and every day and is infectious to all that have the joy and privilege to work alongside her.

—Coach Brad

Among Alex's many coaching talents, she excels in developing choreography appropriate for the skaters.

She deftly combines attributes of the music, the skater's ability, and the skater's inherent artistic skills to create moving programs for skaters of all ages.

—James, Parent of Student

Alex is a personable and professional coach beloved by our spirited granddaughter, not yet four years old.

—Grandpa B.

For Alex is my strength who guides me through the path of ice.

—Nina Huang, Student, Age 10

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